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Frequently Asked Questions

Reset Password

● Click Forget Password on our log-in page. A new password will be generated and sent instantly to the email address you registered with.

● Should you fail to get a new password due to your email being incorrect, you may get assistance from our Customer Service Representative.

● Only the Account Owner is allowed to request a new password. Any request made by a third party will not be entertained.

Change Of Email Address

(a) Change of Email Address

● Changing your email address can be done manually. Log in > click Profile > click Edit.


(b) Change of Security Pin

● Change of Security Pin can be done manually. Login > click Profile > click Change
Security Pin > click Reset Security Pin.
● The new Security Pin will be sent to your Email.

New Sign Up

● Your account registration will be done by your Introducer.

● Upon registration, you will receive an email.

● For first time Login, it is Compulsory to upload your ID to avoid account from being suspended. 

● All information will be emailed to new members. Please provide a valid email address during registration.

Change Of Country Registration

● Yes. You can request a change of Country Registration with valid reasons.

● Members are required to contact the respective Country Agency to change country code. The Country Agency will proceed with the changes.

Wallet Transaction

● All wallet transactions are recorded. Members can check their details accordingly. 

● Members can manually check their Wallet status. Login > Choose Preferred Wallet (Bonus Wallet/AG Wallet/Upgrade Wallet) > Statement

Lifestyle Wallet Claim

● Lifestyle Wallet is only eligible for Elite Members only.

● Redemption can be done with a minimum requirement of 500 Lifestyle Points.

● Once achieved the minimum requirement, you may claim your Lifestyle Reward.

● Members may request the Lifestyle Reward Claim form from our Customer Service Representative.


Your Introducer will make the Registration for you. It is important during first time Login to provide us your valid email address to avoid your account from being suspended. If you are unable to find any Introducer, kindly contact our Customer Service Representative for further assistance. 

● You are an Exclusive Distributor of AG Nutrition products.
● You are entitled for Members price for all AG Nutrition products.
● You have the potential to earn 8 bonus schemes from our compensation plan.
● You can earn additional rewards and prizes.
● You are eligible for a rebate of up to 30% in our Shopping Mall.
● You enjoy Global Business opportunities.

● No. AG Nutrition distributors are prohibited from selling all AG Nutrition products at any Online Market Platform.
● The management reserves full rights to take legal actions should you be found guilty.

AG Nutrition products are only sold by AG Nutrition Distributors. You may contact our Distributor to purchase any of our products.

Yes! Members can purchase AGP using your Visa or MasterCard through the SenangPay links below. This is applicable for all members worldwide:

AGP 50
AGP 100
AGP 200
AGP 500
AGP 1000

Please provide your Member Username and the transaction receipt to our Customer Service Officer. Your application will only be processed with the complete details provided.

● AG Nutrition HQ is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
● We have various Country Agencies worldwide. For more information, kindly go to Contact Us (